"Superior results whether as a nation, company or person is always the result of doing things differently and at the right time. Your ability to discern time and approach will put you ahead of others always"

-Dr. Brian Reuben

Strategy Masterclass

To thrive in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, business leasers must be able to craft and execute corporate strategies that create lasting competitive advantage.

This Strategy Masterclass explores recent strategic moves by organisations globally and presents effective ways to identify and exploit opportunities, marshal and organize resources, and build and sustain a competitive advantage.

Immersed in a challenging curriculum that delves into the economics
of competitive advantage, you will acquire the strategic tools to help your company build and maintain a leadership position.

Meet The Team​

Keynote Speaking

A keynote can be a powerful business tool when done right. Dr. Brian’s approach to keynote speech is very different from how most speakers even think of it.

Aside from his ability to vastly elevate and shift how your audience perceive and think about you, your products/services and themselves to your advantage, he devotes up to two hours for answering questions and solving problems for your audience. When they walk away they a full of power and become even more connected with you and your offerings

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