Through this fellowship you have a chance to premium level relationships, training and strategic networking opportunities.

When you sign up, you receive a special handwritten letter from Dr Brian in which he shares some never before seen insights he has never written in any book and hardly shares during his speeches.

You also have the chance to schedule a one on one meeting with Dr Brian virtually or in person. This meeting gives you the chance to ask Dr Brian personal questions about your work, obstacles, challenges in finances, family and even relationships.

You will then begin a 365 day long email training program valued for $20,000. This training will cover leadership, strategy and personal growth. After this training, you will be ready to set up any business, anywhere in the world even if you didn’t go to school and have a hard time spelling your name correctly!

Drinks receptions, Mastermind retreats and special Business Advisory sessions are all bundled up in this package for a modest $1000 fee renewable biannually but only after one 30 days trial period expires.

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Dr. Brian Reuben

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