Dr Brian Reuben is a leading authority on Strategy and one of the most sought after thought leaders on the subject.

Through his senior executive workshops he has helped position several businesses to produce remarkable results even in the most challenging and turbulent business environments.

Dr. Brian has trained and advised and mentored senior executives at several organizations, including around the world including Fortune 500 organizations.

He is a featured speaker at business and leadership events around the world. He has been interviewed and published in newspapers and television nationally and internationally including BusinessDay Newspapers, AMW, NTA and Radio Nigeria etc on issues relating to leadership and strategy. Commentaries and special reports have also been published on the national newspapers on the works of Dr Brian Reuben.

His publications, radio and television programs has affected millions of people all over the world.

He has written and published over 150 articles in leading national and international business newspapers and journals including BusinessDay, AllAfrica etc

He has facilitated over 200 strategy training programs for senior executives in diverse industries including telecommunications, banking, education, broadcasting, pharmaceutical, hospitality, insurance, oil and gas etc

He sits on the board of a number of profit and non-profit organisations around Africa. He is a recipient of numerous awards in leadership.

Dr Brian is also the Chairman of the Brian Reuben Organization, a group that manages his business interest in education, real estate, business consulting and non profit organizations around the world.


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