The worst strategic error in business

Business leaders generally agree on the need for strategy. No business can survive without one because no matter how turbulent and intensely competitive an industry might be, the firm with the right strategies will always have superior results. Performing on top of the market requires […]

Leading The Market

By: Brian Reuben, PhD The skilled executive positions his resources with ease because he begins by occupying territory not contested by others.  Google Inc launched its search-advertising program, Google AdWords in the year 2000. AdWords represented a revolution in the advertising industry. It was an […]

When the landscapes shift

There has been a never-ending debate whether or not it’s possible to have a sustainable competitive advantage given our rapidly changing business environment. Well, the first thing is to understand that there is no such thing as a permanent competitive advantage. Every advantage is industry […]

Strategy: Repositioning after a crisis

The greatest fortunes are made when the cannonballs fall at the harbour, not when the violins play in the ballroom. – Nathaniel Rothschild. ”In rapidly evolving systems, permanent competitive advantage does not exist; there is only continuous effort to create new sources of temporary but […]

Connecting The Strategy Execution Dots

In his best-selling book Execution, Larry Bossidy described how he drove performance at AlliedSignal as a CEO. He achieved success by personally negotiating performance objectives with Managers levels way below him. The company outperformed the industry under his leadership but quickly gave up its gains […]