Dr. Brian is one of the most sought after consultants in Africa today majoring on strategy and leadership.

How would you like him to focus his energy and legendary business wisdom on your business. How would you like him to provide simple answers to your complex business challenges to give your business an amazing transformation and increased profitability? Don’t take for granted that there are much better approaches to your business than your current model to grow your business exponentially, deliver more value to your customers/clients and capture more value for your business Dr Brian sits on the board of a number of companies and act as an adviser to many others.

Brian systematically add/strengthen and/or completely replace low performing efforts, value activities and assets with premium and low cost approaches.

Consulting Package and Pricing:

  • Half-Day(four hours) – $10,000

  • Full-Day (nine hours) – $18,000

Dr Brian usually brings another industry top consultant to sit with you deconstructing and reconstructing your strategy, examining your value chain, analysing your value proposition to enhance your brand and reposition your business. His aim is to completely transfer his strategic mindset to you through a highly immersive monthly consulting not made public until now… Yet, there are restrictions and strict conditions before you can qualify for this service…

Program Details: Meet Brian one on one for a half day intensive analysis of your business where Brian will ask you questions to help him understand you business as well as access your understanding of your business Two non academic, case specific 2 hours consulting session monthly to help you execute your strategy

After six months, we will give you the opportunity to continue working with Dr Brian as a long-term strategy partner with no further fees except commissions from revenue his ideas help you to generate

To qualify for this opportunity: You must be open minded, teachable, comfortable with uncommon ideas and willing to execute ruthlessly You must be committed and willing to invest at least two hours monthly in private consulting and advisory meetings with Dr Brian PLUS adequate time to implement Brian’s advice on your business You must be able to afford the fees and understand that its not going to be a quick fix solution. If you think this solution is for you please email Dr Brian directly at me@brianreuben.com

Dr. Brian Reuben

Commited to excellence

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