The business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation.

Peter Drucker

For over a decade, Dr Brian Reuben has passionately pursued his dream of building a better world by empowering businesses to build better value. Dr Brian believes that the world only moves forward by the choices, decisions and actions of men and women through history who took upon themselves the responsibility of solving problems in the society. Not primarily out of the desire for profit but as a response to human pain and the resolve to elevate and expand human freedom.

This ideology it is that has lit our streets, built bridges to let trade and commerce thrive and laid pipes to let water flow. For Dr Reuben, businesses exist to deliver and extend freedom not pursue profits though they must have a profit model if they must keep existing. Dr Brian agrees with Peter Drucker when he said, ‘the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation.’ Every innovation whether in process or product extends the boundary of human freedom. But innovation is always an act of commitment to giving more value because it makes huge demands on the Enterprise. Yet such commitment it is that has brought us this far.

All organisations through history which pursued their business with this philosophy has always prospered beyond limits. We however in our day see these ideals which has sustained progress and liberty slipping through our hands. The resolve to help business people elevate their perspective and commit to this ideology delivering freedom is the philosophy upon which the leadership of Dr Reuben is based. In pursuit of this objective he has mentored, adviced and trained Entrepreneurs and Managers in several industries around the world, guiding the decision making of several organizations on how they differentiate themselves for superior performance.

Therefore, whatever difficulties you have regarding your competition, sales and marketing, inability to keep pace with the environment or poor performance – we are more than prepared to help you. We measure our success not by our ability to acquire clients or have business people commit to our training, advisory or mentorship, but by the ability of our clients to out pace their competition, become and remain leading names.

You are welcome to explore further or contact us for more information regarding how we can help you out pace your competition and become a leading name in your industry.