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According to a recent study by Marakon, less than 20% of even well-formulated strategies are executed successfully and, on average, firms deliver only 50% of the financial performance their strategies promise.

In a survey of more than 1,800 executives by Booz & Company, 56% say their biggest challenges are making daily decisions in line with strategy and allocating resources in a way that supports the firm’s strategy.

In 2013, £100m was written off BBC’s failed digital transformation project and their technology chief was fired. This digital strategy was supposed to improve BBC production efficiency by enabling staff to develop, create, share and manage video and audio content and programming on their desktop.

As a result PriceWaterCoupers carried out an audit of the failure and heavily criticised BBC for serious weakness in project management and reporting, as well as a serious lack of focus on business transformation. This audit showed that the BBC assumed digital transformation was all about technology or a technological problem while underestimating cultural, behavioural and capability transformation.

These are very disturbing cases which represent the sad reality of many corporate organisations in pursuit of superior performance. Strategy execution is not only the biggest issue facing business managers today; it has also been rarely explained satisfactorily.

Several failed and struggling organisations are victims to the gap between promises they’ve made and results their organizations delivered. Sincere executives confess they have a problem with accountability—people aren’t doing the things they’re supposed to do to implement a plan. They desperately want to make changes of some kind, but many times unclear about what needs to change?

This is the reason for our August edition of Strategy Masterclass in Dubai, UAE.

This program will ensure that the knowledge of strategy is well disseminated through the organisation enabling the your business to have out-pace the competition.

The Masterclass will feature faculty presentations, case studies, small group discussions, and individual exercises through which participants can gain deep understanding what strategy is, how it defers from technology improvements and adoption of latest management thoughts. At the end of the session participants will gain clear understanding of strategy and the role they must play to move your business forward.

This is a turbo-charged business clinic filled with practical insights for organisational effectiveness. It will help you and your people elevate, escalate, and vastly expand your possibility paradigm — take-in the over-abundance of undiluted “private-client-grade” ideas, advice and strategies designed for forward-thinking executives.

The participants will spend two six-hour days working with Dr. Brian Reuben and his team deeply, specifically, and multitudinously on the new strategy and revenue-boosting issues and opportunities.

It’s 100% devoted to creating powerhouse outcomes, outstanding business strategies, and precise action plans to follow when they return back to their office.

Participants will experience penetrating analysis, powerful recommendations and surprisingly detailed implementation instructions. The program will provide you and your team with a more diverse understanding of the strategy and competition through a mix of approaches including insightful, inspiring and engaging sessions; and enjoyable activities that build a very cohesive team.

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    August 25 - 12:00 am
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    August 27 - 11:59 pm
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    +44 745 932 2447 +27 606 157 418, +234 708 234 5251
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    Brian Reuben Advisory

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