Dr. Brian’s approach to keynote speech is very different from how most speakers even think of it. Aside from his ability to vastly elevate and shift how your audience think about you, your products/services and themselves to your advantage, he devotes up to two hours for answering questions and solving problems for your audience.

He interacts with participants in unique settings and meet with sponsors all for the same fee. Plus he offers surprise gifts ranging from free tickets to his live events to business advisory services and special videos or audio recordings and training manuals for the same fee.

Some of Brian’s proprietary topics includes:

  • The One Language Company

  • Designing A Sustainable Corporate Distinction

  • Designing And Sustaining A Competitive Advantage

  • Overcoming Value Illusion

  • Leading Change In An Era Of Uncertainty

  • Reinventing An Industry

  • Three Ways To Increase Revenue

  • Making Tough Decisions

  • Competition In The Age Of Deception

  • Changing The Game

  • The Fundamentals of Strategic Leadership

  • Building and Sustaining Strategic Alliances

  • Authentic Leadership

PLUS he meets and interacts with participants in special VIP mini-masterminds and meets with sponsors all for the same fee. In addition he supports the sponsors with bonus resources consistent with the event which they can share in advance with their prospects and allow them to upload same the sponsors website, ALL without any extra fee.



Dr. Brian Reuben

Commited to excellence

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