Code of greatness


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Eminent scientist, Albert Einstein was born, went to school, although he wasn’t pleased with what he saw there. He eventually got married, divorced and later married again. After 1919, Einstein became internationally celebrated. He accrued honors and awards, including the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921, from various world scientific societies. His visit to any part of the world became a national event; photographers and reporters followed him everywhere.But he died in 1955 and was buried, just like everyone else. What does it show? He like all others who have made marks and walked in greatness is like everyone else. He’s just like you. What made him outstanding was his understanding of how the world works. With the same understanding you can achieve what he achieved and even exceed him because you actually have more opportunities now than he did.It is this understanding that I hope to share with you in the pages that follow. There are seven vital laws that control success and greatness in life. If you want to achieve outstanding results and be overwhelmingly successful you need to master these laws. They are the seven irrefutable laws of success. Mastering them is aligning to greatness in life. Now you have the chance to write your name in gold and make your own mark in your generation no matter the circumstances around you.Welcome to a world of greatness

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