Strategic Approach For Becoming An Industry Preferred Employee Anywhere


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The state of the world today presents serious challenges to every worker. Adapting and prospering means making a radical shift in how you think about career, what work means and what it means to have one because all that have changed.

Erick Brynjolfsson, director at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy predicts that the digital dawning of computer intelligence will bring better healthcare, and create billions of dollars in the value of industries utilising the new technologies, potentially even trillions.

Still, not all of his predictions are so universally positive. Experts predict that upto 45% of the jobs will be automated away by 2020! Commenting on this Mr. Brynjolfsson states, “The reality is that there is no economic law that states that everyone will benefit from an industrial revolution,” he says. “It is possible for a majority to be left behind.”

Suzanne Fortier, who is the Principal and Vice-Chancellor at McGill University in Canada, concords, “I think we are reading our radar correct,” she says. “I think we are going to see many jobs disappear.”

How do you prepare for this? How do you thrive in a corporate world that is ever evolving? How do you position yourself to remain relevant today and tomorrow. How do you proof your career from being attacked and taken over by robots and automation? This is what I call becoming a state-of-the-art worker.
Through this book I hope to awaken your thoughts and help you prepare for a future which has already arrived.

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