Is your strategy up to date? Are your people consistently making decisions in alignment with your choice of how and where to play in your industry? Are you clear on the actions of your competitors and the threats and opportunities they bring to you? Are you likely under-utilizing the unique opportunities you have to make money posing as roadblocks for you?

Keep your strategy upto date, transform you business approach, improve your positioning and discover amazing new ways to unlock more value from your assets and investments.

This extraordinary business assessment exercise take place at your own boardroom with you and your team as Dr Brian leads the conversation analysing your industry and all related industries, examining and reexamining rivaries actions to see beyond the obvious to uncover intentions. Analysing recent policies, substitutes to your products and services PLUS hidden preeminent ways of shaping and restructuring your industry in order to gain uncommon advantage.

Dr Brian charges upto $1000 to answer one business question. His advice has saved several business executives millions in time and money and accelerated business growth for decision makers in diverse industries.

STRATEGY AUDIT AND BUSINESS ASSESSMENT program affords you the rare chance to have a fine breed consultant bring his amazing insights and experience to bear on your business given you unquestionable advantage.

Understand that investing in ‘general’ training programs can’t give you the highest and greatest value in terms of time, energy and opportunity cost. You need ‘case-specific’ answers, solutions, strategies and ingenious ideas that have worked wonders and produced amazing results for Dr. Brians clients who pay upto $10000 per day to have him work with them on an exclusive basis.