Why Strategy Masterclass?

Global Perspectives

Today’s economy transcends global boundaries and cultural realities. Our programs bring current global business practices from around the world to bear on your goals, your career, and your organization. Your learning is enhanced by our continuous research on strategy.

Participant Mix

This is a dynamic learning environment where you and a diverse group of business peers
from a range of backgrounds, industries, and countries share ideas and develop an enlightened perspective on the economy, business trends, and best practices.


To thrive in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, executives must be able to craft and execute strategies that create lasting competitive Advantage.

Strategy Masterclass explores recent strategic moves by organisations globally and

presents effective ways to identify and exploit opportunities, marshal and organize resources, and build and sustain a competitive advantage.

Immersed in a challenging curriculum that delves into the economics of competitive advantage, you will acquire the strategic tools to help your company build and maintain a leadership position.

Strategy Masterclass is a turbo-charged business growth clinic filled with practical insights for business effectiveness. It will help you elevate, escalate, and vastly expand your possibility paradigm –take-in the over-abundance of undiluted “private-client-grade” ideas, advice and strategies designed for forward-thinking executives.

It’s designed for only 6 people maximum for two six-hour days working with Brian Reuben Advisory team deeply, specifically, and multitudinously on their businesses’ strategy, operations, and profit-boosting issues and opportunities.

It’s 100% devoted to creating powerhouse outcomes, outstanding business strategies, and precise action plans to follow when you return back to your office. You will experience penetrating analysis, powerful recommendations and surprisingly detailed implementation instructions.

The program is organized into four segments as follows:

  • Strategy Refresher Course

This segment will focus on a review of the fundamentals ideas on Strategy. Each session of Strategy Masterclass focuses on a specific aspect of Strategy. From Competitive strategy to Corporate strategy to Agility and Strategic leadership there is always something new to learn. Strategy although enjoying a wide popularity in business literature is still generally misunderstood by decision makers. This section will help participants understand and/or refresh their understanding of the key issues about Strategy.

  • Global Strategy Review

This section features a review of recent strategic moves by organisations around the world. The good, the bad and ugly. By exploring the strategic moves of successful organizations and the strategic mistakes of laggards and failed organisations Executives are better positioned to make effective decisions in their Organisations.

  • Political Review and Analysis

This section focuses on recent shifts in the political landscape, nationally, regionally and globally in the light of their strategic implications to organizations.

  • Case Review and Analysis

The case method is one of the most effective tools for honing leadership skills. Strategy Masterclass features an unprecedented approach to case analysis, your thinking will be stretched and expanded in a way you are forced out of your ‘managerial comfort zone’ to a place of agility, creativity and innovation.


Strategy Masterclass is based on the research and insights of Brian Reuben Advisory. The Masterclass is usually led by Dr Brian Reuben.

Dr. Brian Reuben

Commited to excellence

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