Brian Reuben is a strategist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker and teacher.

He works with corporations and nonprofits around the world to position them for productivity and superior performance. His research is used by governments, organizations, institutions and NGOs around the world.

Dr Brian provides solutions by bringing strategy concepts to bear on prevailing challenges facing organizations, economies and nations. His approach is based on understanding the overall structure of complex systems, in contrast to particular elements or parts.

Originally trained as an Accountant, he transformed into a strategist and leadership expert in response to personal drive and in-born potentials —looking for patterns within chaotic situations and simplifying complex systemic problems.

He is currently devoted to strengthening public and private institutions through strategic engagements with Governments, Corporations and NonProfits. As a strategist, he identifies and determines creative solutions to improve business outcomes.

Dr Reuben believes that societies evolve and develop as men and women in each generation take responsibility for the problems they find in their society. He therefore seeks to bring clarity to different people all over the world through summits and conferences, publications, television programs and mentorship programs.

Through these strategic activities he mobilizes leaders to take action against ideologies that put a limitation to human freedom and promote and support ideologies that extend and expand freedom. By widening the perspectives and deepening the understanding of people, they gain clarity which increases and enhances their productivity.


Dr Brian Reuben’ ideas have been published in books and articles on several media platforms around the world. His publications which include Art of Strategy, The Chaos and the Profit, Competition in the Age of Deception, The Spirit of Strategy, One Language Organization, The Strategic Organization etc have been widely read around the world. He continues to write about leadership and strategy till date.

Among the frameworks developed by Dr Brian to aid strategy design and assesement include

The Value Proposition Chart, Competitive IQ Graph and Strategy Assessment Sheet

Dr Brian currently leads a global project on transforming leadership and strengthening institutions around the world. He hosts the annual Leadership Agenda Summit, a prestigious platform where leaders from all over the world assemble to discuss pressing global issues, connect and collaborate in tackling prevailing problems globally. He is also the host of the Africa Economic Summit and Africa Entrepreneurship Summit. Through these platforms he continues to influence leadership globally.


Dr Brian Reuben is a leading authority on Strategy and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on the subject.

Through his senior executive workshops he has helped position several businesses to produce remarkable results even in the most challenging and turbulent business environments.

He is a featured speaker at business events globally and has trained, advised and mentored senior executives in several organizations around the world.

He has facilitated over 250 strategy training and advisory programs for senior executives in diverse industries including telecommunications, banking, education, broadcasting, pharmaceutical, hospitality, insurance, oil and gas, etc