Dr Brian’s approach to virtual business advisory and coaching is very unique…

Sleeves rolled up, immersive assessment — seeking idle capacities, revenue system errors and extraordinary and often neglected opportunities that will blow your mind.”

Dr Reuben accesses a business from more vantage points and look at more undervalued leverage points than most people can even. Unless, of course, THEY had the same exposure as he does with diverse businesses in several context.

Usually with a maximum of 3 people who are serious about leaving the Competition miles behind them.

During this time, they can ask questions regarding anything about their business- strategy, marketing and sales, growth, new markets, you name it. And we approach everything from a strategic perspective.

At the end walk away with an unexpected, comprehensive, new game plan along with the right maneuvers they need to outperform their competition.

30 Mins: $600 | 1 hour: $1000

What is included in the package?

  • Free access to ond Brian Reuben live and three virtual events around the world
  • Free access one session of Strategy Masterclass (Dr Brian charges $5000 per participant for this training)
  • Free access to Dr Brian Digital Library
  • Bonus half day virtual consulting (Dr Brian charges $10,000 for this when done physically)

To request for any further questions please contact us